[doggiebox] Looking for a killer metal kit

Mike Carlyle mcarlyle at charter.net
Fri May 23 21:55:25 EDT 2003

What I was sensing was an emerging desire to see more kits posted. 
Someone mentioned (I can't remember which post exactly) a CD that was 
arriving. Even though it's none of my biz, I just felt compelled to say 
that it might be a bad idea to start thinking about kits built from 
stuff like this. I have been building a kit based on sounds from my 
Boss DR-550, but I wouldn't expect that they would be suitable for 
posting (which is too bad, but a fact nonetheless).

I'm aware that the posted kits are homemade jobs that have been 
contributed by kindly drummers with studio access and know-how.

I like John Fazio's CD idea! I'll be spending a rainy east coast 
weekend inside doing some kind of studio work, that's for sure.

On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 08:34 PM, Hermiteer wrote:

>> I'm not a lawyer ( and I don't even play one on TV) but I think the
>> sharing of commercially available drum sounds is a no no for someone 
>> in
>> Ben's position. That is, I wouldn't be posting these files on a 
>> website
>> if I were he, and I'm sure he won't.
> Commercially sampled drum sounds put into a doggiebox kit I suspect 
> would be
> bad news.  However, if someone just miked one of their drums, recorded 
> it
> (and other bits) and put those into a doggiebox kit it is no problem.  
> This
> is probably redundant because I'm that's exactly what Ben did for the 
> sample
> kit we all get.

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