Ryk Groetchen windrag at
Sun May 25 13:06:42 EDT 2003

Hi Ben,

I am surprised at the lack of a good reliable Metronome for OS X. Here  
is a list of what's available on Versiontracker: 

I have tried emailing the developers, and it seems that these apps are  
no longer in development.

Any chance you'd be interested in putting one together with what you've  
learned from Doggiebox?

Of the apps listed on VT, MetroGnome seems the most reliable/best  
features, but am not able to get a response from the developer about  
updates/bug fixes/new features. You've been so approachable, I thought  
it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Anyone else interested please chime in!


Ryk A. Groetchen
windrag at

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