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Ryk Groetchen windrag at earthlink.net
Mon May 26 12:42:25 EDT 2003

Hey Ben,

Its funny, but since I mentioned it I found a metronome that works much 
better than MetroGnome, which would quite often skip beats or play 

The new one is called Dr. Betotte. You can find it here: 
Has a better GUI and the developer is actually alive! :-)

Yeah, I guess its just a GUI thing, but it seems like a drag to have to 
open up the whole drum program just for a metronome. I am a flute 
player and do hours of scales and patterns, sometimes moving the tempo 
up incrementally. Simple is good.

I have written to the developer of Dr. Betotte about a couple of 
features I've been craving, and I'll tell you too:

1) The ability to create complex time signatures. I've been playing 
some Eastern European melodies that have time signatures like 2+2+3/8, 
3+3+2+2/8, etc. I can easily do this in DB, but it would be nice to 
have a metronome that would handle it.

2) A friend of mine used to have this great thing called a Trinome. It 
was an electric metronome that had three different click sounds. For 
anu given period, say 3 seconds, you could subdivide in three different 
ways, thus being able to hear and internalize a steady complex 
polyrhythm like 3/4/5 or 4/5/7. Very cool. This can be done with DB, 
but you have to figure out what number goes into all three, create bars 
with the appropriate subdivisions, etc, It would be great to just be 
able to click "Polyrhythm" and then choose your subdivisions. I'm a 
polyrhythm geek, as you can tell.

Let me know if this is at all interesting. The Dr. Betotte guy may or 
may not be interested in these developments, so if I can keep chewing 
your ear, great!


Ryk A. Groetchen
windrag at earthlink.net

On Monday, May 26, 2003, at 11:11  AM, Ben Kennedy wrote:

> On 25 5 2003 at 3:06 pm -0400, Ryk Groetchen wrote:
>> Any chance you'd be interested in putting one together with what 
>> you've
>> learned from Doggiebox?
>> Of the apps listed on VT, MetroGnome seems the most reliable/best
>> features, but am not able to get a response from the developer about
>> updates/bug fixes/new features. You've been so approachable, I thought
>> it wouldn't hurt to ask.
> Hey Ryk,
> I've just downloaded and am playing with MetroGnome.  Funky little app!
> I have to say, before I opened it I was wondering to myself what good a
> separate metronome app is, if all you need is a beat at a given bpm 
> (just
> sketch out a bar in doggiebox and loop it).  However, the interface is
> cool and I dig what it allows you to do (experiment with different
> meters, accenting and subdivisions etc) which would be useful when
> working out an idea.
> So what are your gripes about MG, and what bugs/features do you have in
> mind?  I'd certainly be open hacking up a bigger and badder mentronome 
> if
> it would be of use to several people :)
> -ben
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