[Doggiebox] Re: Triplets

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Wed Oct 8 20:44:40 EDT 2003

On 08 10 2003 at 6:22 pm -0400, Tor Lillegraven wrote:

>One thing I`m not getting the hang of is making fills though. Let`s say
>I have a 4/4 song @ 130 bpm, and I want to make 4 triplets over one bar
>(substitute the snare hits on 1,2,3 and 4 with triplets.) 

Hmm... I guess that's not really possible right now, is it!  You can do
triplets over eighth notes, and over quarter notes, but not over anything
larger.  I can see how it would be desirable, obviously.

I think the interface for handling these different rhythms could be
revised somehow...

Right now the straight time vs. triplets is accommodated simply through
the zoom function, but that also tends to lend some confusion visually,
when e.g. zooming in and out and trying to remain oriented with the
rhythm.  I have been intending to add some little icons to indicate the
duration of the "currently visible beat", but that will only do so much.

Now I'm envisioning something like a "layer", where you could switch
between a straight time and a tuplet view of the same bar.  Hmmm.  Has
anybody else thought about this at all, have any ideas?


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