[Doggiebox] 1.04 issues

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Oct 9 11:37:23 EDT 2003

On 09 10 2003 at 10:28 am -0400, Robert O'Malley wrote:

>I figured it out.  I'm running an older version ( OS 10.1) at work, so 
>once I brought it home and used it on 10.2, it worked no problem.

Ah... cool.  This is good to know, actually.  It means that the "playback
indicator crash" (see FAQ) is not the only problem with 10.1.  The
general cause I think is something to do with posting methods for
execution between threads.

How many people on this list still use 10.1?  Of those, how many plan to
upgrade to 10.3?

As I stated earlier, I haven't been testing under 10.1 for... about a
year now I guess.  Once Panther comes out, I'm going to upgrade all my
machines most likely.  It will then become even more difficult to justify
supporting 10.1.


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