[Doggiebox] Triplets

B bmundy at brentmundy.com
Wed Oct 8 22:16:07 EDT 2003

> At 11:13 PM +0200 10/8/03, Tor Lillegraven wrote:

> >One thing I`m not getting the hang of is making fills though. Let`s say
> >I have a 4/4 song @ 130 bpm, and I want to make 4 triplets over one bar
> >(substitute the snare hits on 1,2,3 and 4 with triplets.)
> >
> >How do I do this? Anyone?

Try using your Apple Key to open or expand the number of divisions for
each count.

Apple Key hit at the same time as the minus "-" key will reduce the number
of divisions of a count by 1 (the default 4/4 bar shows 2 divisions per
count, or 8th notes).  If you use this key combination it will take the
bar down to showing only quarter notes.

Original 4/4 Bar
| | | | | | | |
1   2   3   4

4/4 Bar after Apple Key Minus
| | | |
1 2 3 4

Apple Key hit at the same time as the "=" sign will do the opposet.  This
is what you will do to expose the triplets (three divisions per count).

4/4 Bar after Apple Key "=" sign
| | | | | | | | | | | |
1     2     3     4

These options are available in the "Pattern" menu as 'Expand' and

Note that this will open ALL bars at once which may disorient you if you
have a lot of bars in your song.  You can Expand and Collapse the bars
adding triplets or whatever -what ever you enter will be 'remembered' even
if it cannot be displayed (i.e. a bar of triplets will be entierly
displayed if you only have 8th note exposed).

Maybe this could be added to the to-do list (maybe it is?) - the ability
to select between expanding or collapsing individual bars OR as well as
all bars.

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