[Doggiebox] ns_kit notes

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu Oct 23 00:11:10 EDT 2003

On 21 10 2003 at 7:42 am -0400, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

>Hmmm, I have a friend with an Apple Developer Connection -- I wonder if he 
>has some Developer literature on how Apple's MIDI support API-stuff
works ....

Lack of documentation isn't the problem so much as available resources. 
Last I checked the CoreMIDI stuff seemed reasonably well documented, but
I haven't been able to take a good sit down and get my head around it
yet.  Soon, soon.

>>To this day, it remains annoying that I have to wait for a ride 
>>cymbal to finish ringing on a pattern in order to get on with programming.
>Though it sounds good on the final, ringing cymbal crash at the end of a 
>track :)  Leaving file-size aside, couldn't one simply hit "stop" to get on 
>with programming? :)

I'm sorry, guys can you explain in more detail what you're referring to?

For sick laughs, I imported a full song (4-minute stereo AIFF) into a
dbkit as a new drum sound, then started editing a new song using that
kit.  Granted, things were an eensy bit sluggish due to the overhead
(allocating 40-megabyte memory regions for the single drum sound), but I
was able to play, stop, click to add drums, play stop click click and so
on, without having to wait the four minutes for it to stop.

Are you talking about something else?

Now, I realise there IS still a problem where the song seems to need to
play through to the end of song, or next non-empty beat, whichever comes
first.  (for example, create a new song; add 5 bars to it; add a drum to
the first beat of first bar; play song.  Doggiebox essentially hangs
until the duration of the full 5 bars has elapsed.)  This is legitimately
a bug and I'm working on it.

>Until then, I'm thinking more about how to put together dbkit "recipes" so 
>that Doggiebox users can assemble their own versions to work with shared 
>dbsong files.

Carl, you may have touched upon a great idea here.  I wonder if we could
come up with an actual "dbrecipe" mechanism, such that once prepared, the
user would merely have to:  1. download the source sound files.  2.
choose "cook recipe".  3. point Doggiebox to the source files and the
dbrecipe file.  4. sit back while Doggiebox automagically builds the
dbkit from source.


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