[Doggiebox] ns_kit notes

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Thu Oct 23 06:48:40 EDT 2003

At 05:11 23-10-03, Ben Kennedy wrote:
> >Until then, I'm thinking more about how to put together dbkit "recipes" so
> >that Doggiebox users can assemble their own versions to work with shared
> >dbsong files.
>Carl, you may have touched upon a great idea here.  I wonder if we could
>come up with an actual "dbrecipe" mechanism, such that once prepared, the
>user would merely have to:  1. download the source sound files.  2.
>choose "cook recipe".  3. point Doggiebox to the source files and the
>dbrecipe file.  4. sit back while Doggiebox automagically builds the
>dbkit from source.

Wow, that's rather more cunning that what I had been thinking of -- and it 
would be very cool.  As as long as the source files (both sounds and 
images) and kit configuration info were available, an auto-building 
dbrecipe would be very handy for situations where user-redistributed source 
files or fully compiled dbskits are impractible (i.e. 
commercially-purchased or other copyright-restricted sample libraries).

(Naturally, in the glorious future, vendors will simply offer pre-compiled 
dbkits as they currently do with soundfonts :) but until then ..... :)

The primary stumbling block I see if how to handle edits to the source 
sound files -- like, for the ns_dbkit Mike C. adjusted the volume of all 
the files, and for my version I duplicated and then pitch-shifted a subset 
of the source sound files.  Theoretically, I suppose one could easily 
specify configuration info like "take blah-blah files and boost their 
volume by X much, then take yadda-yadda files and shift their pitch by Y 
much".  But surely in order to actually process such instructions 
automatically, either Doggiebox would need to call some specified third 
party app (i.e. Peak) and send the appropriate commands to have the edits 
performed ... or it would need built-in capability to perform such edits 

I don't know enough about Apple's Audio Unit technology to guess how hard 
it would be to start throwing "effect" capabilities like gain boosts and 
pitch shifts into Doggiebox .... but I suppose if it were possible, that 
might open the door to all kinds of funky AU stuff inside Doggiebox (i.e. 
slap a reverb on your snare track, flange the toms, all within DB).


Carl Edlund Anderson
mailto:cea at carlaz.com

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