[Doggiebox] ns_kit notes and more

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Fri Oct 24 10:51:18 EDT 2003

On 24 10 2003 at 10:39 am -0400, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

>Hmmm, I suspect that is _well_ out of my budget, but I don't quite see how 
>it works.  I see it will take MIDI channels from the Mac via Firewire, but 
>what about audio?  Did I just miss that in the list of features :)  I mean, 
>if I somehow made 8 different drum track outputs for a song from Doggiebox, 
>I've only got a stereo-out jack on the back of my laptop, so I certainly 
>can't send 8 tracks through it simultaneously.  Does the MOTU 828mk2 let 
>you do that via a Firewire connection or something like that?

Yup... there's one firewire connection to the computer.  The deck itself
has 8 analog (quarter-inch) each of inputs and outputs, plus two
additional Neutrik (quarter-inch/XLR dual) inputs with preamps which also
provide quarter-inch sends, plus a stereo pair of quarter-inch main
outputs, stereo headphone jack, plus 8 digital ADAT (on a DB-15
interface) each of inputs and outputs, plus optical stereo S/PDIF inputs
and outputs.  Oh yeah, plus the midi input/output, plus a footswitch
jack, plus SMTPE in and out on BNC connectors, and probably more that I'm
forgetting.  :)

Each input and output channel is discretely available to/from the
computer over the firewire (so that's something like 4 dozen channels in all).

As far as Doggiebox is concerned, the missing link right now of course is
that you can only have a stereo output.  But in concert with the
configurable folddown/export groupings coming in the future will also be
assignable outputs, so that it will be possible to play back a piece over
e.g. 8 output channels at once.


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