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Fri Oct 24 12:42:32 EDT 2003

not entirely sure what you guys have been talking about but i saw a
reference to the imic and had to give my 2 cents...
the imic sucks, plain and simple.  I've tried to put some guitar on a
track in some audio program or other using my korg pxr4 out to the imic
and it was almost 2 full seconds behind. latency in the imic is a huge
problem on my ibook.  i've been toying around with getting the new edirol
32 key midi-keyboard with a bunch of audio in and out options on the back
of the unit.  m-audio, which i've provided a link to has some great
stuff.  the link is to their usb pre which i've seen as low as $179 on
the web would be as much as getting multiple imics and i'd assume
lightyears beyond in audio quality.  
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Date: 2003/10/24 Fri AM 11:34:38 EDT
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Subject: Re: [Doggiebox] audio out

On 24 10 2003 at 11:30 am -0400, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

>Does anyone know anything cheaper and dumber (like, just lets you split 
>multiple audio channels via Firewire or USB into audio, and nothing more? 
>:)  I've got plenty of mixing power on my VS-1680, though little output 
>power from my PowerBook (which only does Firewire through a PC card, but if 
>I save up to get my wife one of those new iBooks  .... :)

By far the cheapest device I've seen is the Griffin iMic... it's got a
pair of stereo minijacks (one for in and one for out) and connects by
USB.  It's what I was using for too long before getting the "real"
equipment. :)

I haven't tried, but I imagine you could probably plug several of these
babies into your computer if you had enough USB ports.

Of course, the output quality is lesser (and input quality sucked, I kept
having problems with noise and weird clipping and stuff, but I began to
conclude it was crappy USB audio drivers in Mac OS X), and they only
support 44.1khz at 20-bit.


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