[Doggiebox] Beta 1A22 posted

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Wed Oct 29 19:07:23 EST 2003

Hi all,

What's new in 1A22 <http://www.doggiebox.com/distribution/Doggiebox-1A22.sit>:

- Improved play/stop button so that response during playback is now
instant, instead of sometimes briefly hanging.
- By popular demand, exporting now produces output of precise length and
no longer compensates for final decay.
- Fixed a bug where the position indicator would sometimes stop moving in
mid-song during playback.
- Minor fixes for 10.1 compatibility (playback indicator now works
instead of crashing; hang after exporting should be eliminated).

NOTE: If you have previously experienced crash-on-launch issues with
Doggiebox, please try to determine whether they still occur with this
beta build.  If you can ascertain that they do not, please let me know. 
I've made a change to the build process that may or may not be relevant.

If you DO continue to get launch crashes, please check the system log
(using Console.app) and send me any relevant output logged from
Doggiebox.  In particular, it should now log a couple of messages similar
to "willFinishLaunching begin" -- I want to see how far it's getting
before the crash.



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zygoat creative technical services
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