SV: Re: [Doggiebox] Beta 1A22 posted

Frank Rubino frubino at
Thu Oct 30 12:15:25 EST 2003

> Having said this, I'm noticing there is still something skewed a bit with
> the math -- exporting one bar of 4/4 at 120 bpm is giving a file of about
> 2.085 seconds or somesuch, instead of 2.000 as one would expect.  I'm
> going to look at that in a moment.

I remember noticing this some time ago and have worked around it since by
using db not as a 'song-editor' but as a 'measure-editor'. That is, I create
1 or two measures at a time and export to my muti-track environment where I
do the sequencing and align the slightly-off measures.

As my songs get more complex this will become a pain, it is true.

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