[Doggiebox] Re: the decay thing

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri Oct 31 04:48:15 EST 2003

At 04:04 31-10-03, Doug wrote:
>On Thursday, October 30, 2003, at 01:47 PM, Christoph wrote:
>>It is logical, once explained, that to get the final decay an extra bar
>>needs to be added to the end of the song.  If documented I'm sure most
>>people will figure that out.
>>That said, I agree with Carl that there should be an export option (maybe on
>>the export dialog?) that allows the final decay to be added if necessary.
>>This will accommodate those that may not understand or like the above
>>mentioned quirk.
>Addressing just this issue, This is the way any "PRO" DAW works, I think 
>that the majority of people who are experienced in creating music on a 
>computer would expect a program to work in this way. I almost always add 
>an extra bar at the end of a Cubase song if using VSTis or any type of 
>delay or reverb.

OK, I'm ready to go along with "expected behavior": it seems like adding 
extra bar(s) at the end of a piece to preserve sample decay may be the way 
to go.  Though speaking as someone definitely not claiming to be experience 
at creating music on a computer :) documenting that behavior would 
definitely help a clueless newbie like me understand that it wasn't a bug 
("Hey, the darn thing cuts off just before the end!" ;)

(Ben's "Option 3: context sensitive behavior" definitely sounds dangerous, 
since it removes the control from the user, and some guy who wants to 
export short samples with decay for whatever reason is going to tear his 
hair out :)

At 10:04 30-10-03, Tor Lillegraven wrote:
>Well, I have asked for this adjustment a couple of times -- one problem
>I`m having is that the exported audio tracks have a "head" and a "tail".
>I use Digital Performer, and set up my drum tracks on top of a MIDI
>click. The problem with exporting from Doggiebox has been that the
>tracks that I export don`t fit with the clicks, even if the bpm is the
>This is because there is a small snippet of static before the first beat
>of the Doggiebox drum track.

I haven't ever noticed the static, but since the only synchronization in my 
recording process is managed by my ears listening for audible beats, I 
probably _wouldn't_ notice ;)

However, since since I hope someday my MIDI-speaking recording module will 
be able to somehow issue at least a "Start!" command to Doggiebox, I'd be 
keen to understand what the issue is with the mysterious "drifting 
beats".  (Though the ability to add timing imperfections or even tweak 
particular parts of the drum part slightly ahead or behind the beat 
_intentionally_ would be cool :)

I have messed around now with some of the ideas list-people put to me 
before, and I did manage to record a second "take" from a Doggiebox AIFF on 
a virtual track in my VS-1680, and then manually nudge it to line up with 
the start of the original "take" on a different track (I just located the 
first beats and scrubbed backwards until I couldn't hear them anymore in 
order to determine their "start" :)  A somewhat indelicate method, but it 
worked :)


Carl Edlund Anderson
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