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Ben Kennedy ben at
Fri Oct 31 16:43:56 EST 2003

On 30 10 2003 at 1:19 pm -0500, Tor Lillegraven wrote:

>>>>The tail at end should now be gone.  I have never been aware of
>>>>before the first beat though.  Could you send me an example?
>Actually, for me the "tail" end of it was really never that big of a
>problem. The real problem was the "head", that made the exported audio
>out of sync with the first of my MIDI clicks.

Tor, I'm glad you pointed this out; you were in fact correct, an extra
0.1 second delay was being imposed at the start of export.  This is now
fixed in 1A23.

>But if I`m understanding this right, I can now add an extra "silent" bar
>at the end, and the last beat will just fade out? That would work great
>for me. I guess the whole point is that the exported tracks are exactly
>the right length....

The timing should be rock solid now... if you find otherwise, let me know!


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