[Doggiebox] 1E5 posted

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Dec 8 09:59:37 EST 2004

On 08-Dec-2004 03:34, Ben Kennedy wrote:
>         - An issue where drum kit reconciliation did not work properly
> and could result in a crash (thanks Carl).

I'm definitely seeing this fixed now -- Thanks :)

>         - An issue where one drum may be inadvertently placed two or more
> times simultaneously at the same location, resulting in editing anomalies
> and seemingly louder velocity on some hits.  (An easy way to determine
> whether your song has been affected by this is to open it up in Doggiebox
> 1.2 and see whether the same drum appears in several grid spots at the
> same beat position.  If so, you'll have to fix this by hand using 1.2;
> sorry for any inconvenience.)

Wow, I had never noticed this until I swapped drumkits (testing a new
version of an ns_kit7 dbkit) and went in to clean up some places where I
apparently choose the wrong sample for replacement.  It looked to me
like I was clicking over an existing hit to replace it but the icon
didn't change.  When I then tried to delete the hit, the existing icon
disappeared to reveal the icon for my new change "beneath" it.  Easy to
spot once I realized what was going on.

> For the next build, I endeavour to actually introduce some more features
> (like beat-level copy/paste, etc.) rather than just bug fixes. :)

This would indeed be really cool :)  Also, having saddled myself with a
whole load of erroneously chosen replacement hits in the process of kit
swapping, I find myself again wanting to vote for a "search & replace"
feature.  And a feature whereby "right-clicking" in the bar brings up a
contextual menu of variants from the drum type currently selected in the
kit window (if you see what I mean).


Carl Edlund Anderson

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