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Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Wed Dec 8 11:51:25 EST 2004

On 08 12 2004 at 9:59 am -0500, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

>It looked to me
>like I was clicking over an existing hit to replace it but the icon
>didn't change.  When I then tried to delete the hit, the existing icon
>disappeared to reveal the icon for my new change "beneath" it.  Easy to
>spot once I realized what was going on.

Yeah.  This was due to an unfortunate bug that did not test for the
presence of an existing drum of the same type before adding the new one.
 I twigged to this myself as I was playing back some stuff I did that
contained ride cymbals on every eight-note or whatever, which I had
"drawn in" by just painting the mouse back and forth over the bar (if you
know what I mean).  On playback it sounded like some of these were
accented and I couldn't figure out why, until I realised that there were
multiple rides in some of the spots.  (As an aside though, it sounded
quite cool, and has served to make velocity adjustment and humanization
an uber-priority now...)

If you or others still have a lot of cleanup to do as a result of this
bug, speak up and I can whip up a fixer-upper routine for the next build
to try and automatically fix affected files.  I figured it would only be
a temporary, marginal inconvenience though.

>This would indeed be really cool :)  Also, having saddled myself with a
>whole load of erroneously chosen replacement hits in the process of kit
>swapping, I find myself again wanting to vote for a "search & replace"
>feature.  And a feature whereby "right-clicking" in the bar brings up a
>contextual menu of variants from the drum type currently selected in the
>kit window (if you see what I mean).

Definitely; these are both key ideas and I'm on it (eventually, real
soon, I hope!).


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