[Doggiebox] Playback tempo in 1E5 build

Sooz and Ken Boldt kboldt at execpc.com
Thu Dec 9 13:09:22 EST 2004

> Playback tempo is now adjustable in real time according to inbound
> MIDI Clock events.

I can report that db does indeed change it's tempo in response to
inbound MIDI clock, but I experience the master temo slider/playback
stall problem you describe when this happens.
Also, (and this may be related to the slider/stall problem) the tempo
slider never comes to rest at a new tempo after the new tempo is
received- the slider sort of 'wiggles' back and forth constantly by a
bpm or two.
If I stop db playback and then restart it from the Mac keyboard or
mouse, the slider stays put and the playback works OK. As soon as I send
db MIDI clock, the slider starts wiggling again. (Is db polling
constantly? Does db only compute 'integral' tempos and the incoming MIDI
clock is in between?)
Looking forward to the next release!
Ken Boldt

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