[Doggiebox] 1E5 posted

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Dec 15 04:00:38 EST 2004

I've encountered a few oddities while messing around in 1E5.

One may be a memory issue with large samples, since I've been doing 
some more testing with an ns_kit7 dbkit and ns_kit7 has very large 
samples!  Anyway, I sometimes (not not consistently, I think) run into 
a sitaution where some samples seem to mute each other.  I find this 
mostly with strings of ride hits killing the snare hits beneath them. 
Especially, say, if I had entered a string of hat hits into a section 
and then change them to ride hits.  Sometimes making a "clean" section 
with the same pattern of samples works even when the edited section 
plays back with these "dropouts".  Not sure what's up there.

However, one more clearly DB-based oddity came about when I tried to 
copy one of the sections I had built in order to make a variant of it, 
and I discovered DB was giving me the "Reconcile Drum Kit" dialog and 
asking me to choose an a sample for a drum called "(null) ((null))".  
This was odd.  I hadn't switched kits, or dbsongs, and I don't have a 
drum called "(null)" in the kit, that I know of.  Woss 'appenin' 'ere?


Carl Edlund Anderson

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