[Doggiebox] songs with the ns kit

Sion Morris sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk
Fri Jan 2 15:25:28 EST 2004

Hello all

Since adding the woodblock to the nskit, I've also put a tambourine and 
cowbell sound on as well. There's a new song called Xris using these 
sounds at:


You can download the new kit and some others also as the db from the 
new improved site. The cowbell is a bit ropey to be honest as it was 
just found as an 8 bit sample on the net somewhere, so if anyone has a 
better one, I'd be grateful for a copy. The cowbell sound is one of the 
greatest of percussion sounds don't you think?

Really like the song using the nskit, Bal - definitely the best there 
and doesn't seem to suffer much from being downsampled. Look forward to 
hearing more.

> I added two new songs. #8 is done with the nskit(woodb.): great drum. 
> comment is welcome.
> Bal.
> www.thirdson.tk



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