[Doggiebox] drum sample downbeat alignment

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Mon Jan 5 17:08:59 EST 2004

On 24 12 2003 at 5:48 pm -0500, matt k. wrote:

>Therefore my question is: would it be feasible to add an 'offset' 
>control to the drum kit editor?  It could control the time before/after 
>the downbeat that the sample would start.  This would enable the user 
>to have full control over where in the specific sample the downbeat is.

This is a great idea.  I'll add it to the todo list.  As we briefly
discussed, such a facility would probably be of interest to people using
weird samples (e.g. reversed guitar sounds or whatever) that "reverse-
decay" upto the down-beat.

This will pose an interesting design problem since sounds will have to be
schedule-able earlier than they appear in the score (e.g. in theory a
given instrument might be placed in bar 3, but would actually have to
start playing in bar 1, or conceivably even before the beginning of the


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