[Doggiebox] songs with the ns kit

Patrick O'Donoghue pdiddyod at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 5 17:55:23 EST 2004

Since you guys are talkin' bit depth & stuff, I thought I'd ask a 
What do you recommend as the file format when exporting a Doggiebox song -- 
via "Export Song"?
I usually use 'AIFF (Apple/SGI)' when exporting.
After exporting the DB song, I then "Import Audio" into a Pro Tools session. 
However, after importing into Pro Tools there has been (only recently) some 
clipping on the DB import-track when I play it back in Pro Tools.
Any thoughts? Should I be using a different file format when 'exporting'?

I'm using Pro Tools 6.2.2, Mbox, on a Mac TiBook 667Mhz, 512MB RAM, with OS 
X 10.3.2.



On 29 12 2003 at 8:14 pm -0500, mlucas1 wrote:

>I want to record a drumkit for doggiebox. any tips? I just wanted to go
>out and record the kit of a friend. The user's guide mentions a sample rate 
>of 44,1 Khz. does the
>bitrate matters?

I suppose you mean the bit depth (16, 32 bit, etc).  No it doesn't
matter; Doggiebox will convert on the fly (internally everything is
converted to 32-bit floats when loaded and all processing is donet hat way).

>I added two new songs. #8 is done with the nskit(woodb.): great drum.
>comment is welcome.

Sounds cool... nice groove.

Happy new year, all.

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