[Doggiebox] songs with the ns kit

Michael Carlyle mcarlyle at charter.net
Mon Jan 5 20:05:59 EST 2004

On 1/5/04 4:50 PM, "Ben Kennedy" <ben at zygoat.ca> wrote:

> Speaking of ns_kit, I got a reply from Douglas awhile ago and it's
> looking like we may well be able to do up an "official" Doggiebox ns_kit!
> It's mainlly an issue of how to package and distribute the kit so that
> it reasonably stands on its own and does not appear as a "gimmick" to
> sell Doggiebox.  I've since replied and am still waiting to hear back
> from him.

I think this is trickier than it sounds. How can an ns_kit.dbkit file "stand
on it's own". I don't think it can since you  can't use it without
Doggiebox.  They're intimately linked.

I'm sure there's a solution, but it's not really obvious.

>> I would not go with less than 16 bit files. I use 32 bit
>> float export when coming "out" of Doggiebox, but the
>> original samples are 16 bit.
> I was going to say what's the point in exporting 32-bit if the source is
> 16, but of course since the internal mixing is all happening in 32, you
> probably are preserving more quality that way.

I export as 32 bit float since that's the default working format with
Cubase. Why not keep it the same? If I don't, Cubase goes out of it's way to
"convert" the bit rate.

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