[Doggiebox] drum sample downbeat alignment

Sion Morris sionwm at cinnamondesign.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 14:46:17 EST 2004

> On 05 1 2004 at 9:18 pm -0500, Christoph wrote:
>> Take a sampled sound of a shaker "shhhkk-shh".  This sample was 
>> recorded at
>> a particular tempo, let's say 144.  The "shhhkk-shh" will work fine 
>> for a
>> song with that or near 144 bpm.  Now take it to a song that is 100 
>> bpm.  The
>> "shhhkk-shh" will be too fast because the "-shh" comes too quickly on 
>> the
>> downbeat.
> Hmmm, that's another good point.  Not quite the same but related and 
> just
> as important nonetheless.  This could open a can of worms though; how
> many parts would one want to configure in a sound?  I wonder in how 
> many
> cases this would be a practical concern that would not be better
> mitigated by simply devising and using two distinct samples ("shaker
> start", "shaker end").
> -ben

I've added a tambourine sound to my version of the nskit which uses 2 
separate up and down sounds (shaker start and shaker end) and a louder 
version of the up or emphasis and used this in a song. Seems to work ok 
with the slider cranked up to top speed and also with the slider down 
at the lowest setting. The kit, song (Xris) and kit and db are on my 
site if you want to see:




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