[Doggiebox] Playing along with DoggieBox.

John Stewart freewrl-1 at rogers.com
Fri Jan 9 13:04:33 EST 2004


Ah, ok. I think I know what you are thinking of, and it 
makes sense. I come from a Linux background, so
things are different, for sure.

For input, I have this new Griffin Power-something-or-other
that I am still learning how to use. It has a "line/mic"
switch on it that increases gain. I have used it only
to record from a tape deck; even in Line setting, the
tape deck signal was *way* too strong; I had to reduce it
drastically to not get this box to clip.

I have 4 basses kicking around the house; 1 is a Fender
active bass, and another Fender might get a pre-amp put
in. But, from my little experiment above, I don't think
that signal strength from passive instruments will be 
a problem. (4 bases? Two daughters play a bit, too)

GarageBand looks interesting; anyone tried it yet?


John Stewart
Ottawa, Canada.

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