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Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Fri Jan 9 16:23:39 EST 2004

On 09 1 2004 at 4:20 pm -0500, B wrote:

>Has anyone tried on of these iMics?  Maybe I am using bad microphones (two
>different ones) but I can't get a decent recording.  My PowerBook's built
>in mic give me a stronger signal than the iMic.
>I'd love to hear other's experiences with the iMic.

I've had crappy experiences with my iMic lately.  Well, I haven't really
used it since I got my 828mk2, but it had always been hit-and-miss.  I
think there's something wrong with USB audio drivers under 10.2 and later.

One thing I *was* using it for lately was recording messages off my
voicemail, using a $20 adapter from radioshack.  I returned the adapter
once and was about to do it again when it seemingly didn't work (loud
ground hum noise when I had it connected).  I discovered that this hum
went away when I recorded to my iBook running on battery.  When connected
to my G4, or to the iBook plugged into the wall, behaviour was
spectacularly awful.  Clearly some kind of electrical issue that the iMic
did not isolate.


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