[Doggiebox] GarageBand

Christoph hermiteer at itsallconnected.com
Fri Jan 9 17:54:55 EST 2004

> I am very curious about this too. I've ben using Deck LE, and
> GarageBand looks similar, with a bunch extra built in goodies like
> loops and pre-amps. Anybody tried it?

I got to fiddle with it and its bigger brother Soundtrack at the Expo this
week.  Of course its not the same as having it at home with my setup but
here is my initial take:

1)  Excellent for people that are hobbyists and/or single instrument

2)  Soundtrack has built in features for working with video, GarageBand is
really music only (and at that more focused at guitarists).

3)  The included sound libraries are pretty complete with lots of
combinations of sounds.  The search facility is REALLY nice.

4)  The speed/slow features of samples have limited use since we all know
you can only slow a sample so much before it doesn't sound right.

5)  Soundtrack comes with a sample recorder/editor which you can use to
build your own samples and loops.

6)  From what I saw samples and loops were AIFF files but MIDI can be used
(didn't get a chance to see it in action).

7)  From what I saw, both are limited to producing stereo only recordings,
no 5.1 or higher support.  Which is not a big deal for most recording, but
for video soundtracking it might be an issue.

I think in the long run this will not be replacing my Edirol UA5/Deck
LE/D-box/ZOOM pedal setup, it does a lot that I would never really use.  I'd
be more apt to upgrading to a full ProTools setup.

Apologies if anything I am relaying is incorrect, sometimes hearing can be
difficult on the show floor :)



PS.  And on a completely unrelated note, the miniPods are cool but at the
wrong price point...

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