[Doggiebox] Playing along with DoggieBox.

John Stewart freewrl-1 at rogers.com
Mon Jan 12 09:45:54 EST 2004

Ok, my results so far with playing along with DoggieBox.

Powerbook G4, Griffin PowerWave, Fender MIM P Bass.

This powerwave has switches for mic/line level, and
hardware passthrough. It can be powered by the USB cable,
and through it's own adapter.

- With the powerwave plugged in, bass into mic input, real
cheap headphones (free from an airline), hardware passthrough
switched on, the output level was very low.

I purchased a set of Seinhieser (sp?) headphones, and now
level is great. line/mic set at line level.

This is with running *no* applications.

-  There is a lot of noise, dependent on what is running
on the laptop. My powerwave adapter is packed right now;
maybe running on external power would clear this up.

- running with doggiebox. Absolutely no problem. Adjust
bass level with volume control on bass; doggiebox with
any standard mac volume control.

- running with SoundStudio, software loopback, gave a neat
delay. If I ran with this app, with BOTH software and
hardware loopback enabled, I got a really neat slap back
echo. ;-)

So, other than the noise issue, which *hopefully* can get
cleared up quickly once I unpack my power adapter, this
box looks ok.


> >Has anyone tried on of these iMics?  Maybe I am using bad microphones (two
> >different ones) but I can't get a decent recording.  My PowerBook's built
> >in mic give me a stronger signal than the iMic.
> >
> >I'd love to hear other's experiences with the iMic.
> I've had crappy experiences with my iMic lately.  Well, I haven't really
> used it since I got my 828mk2, but it had always been hit-and-miss.  I
> think there's something wrong with USB audio drivers under 10.2 and later.
> One thing I *was* using it for lately was recording messages off my
> voicemail, using a $20 adapter from radioshack.  I returned the adapter
> once and was about to do it again when it seemingly didn't work (loud
> ground hum noise when I had it connected).  I discovered that this hum
> went away when I recorded to my iBook running on battery.  When connected
> to my G4, or to the iBook plugged into the wall, behaviour was
> spectacularly awful.  Clearly some kind of electrical issue that the iMic
> did not isolate.
> -ben
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