[Doggiebox] songs with the ns kit

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Mon Jan 19 11:46:54 EST 2004

At 20:25 02/01/2004, Sion Morris wrote:
>Since adding the woodblock to the nskit, I've also put a tambourine and 
>cowbell sound on as well. There's a new song called Xris using these sounds at:
>You can download the new kit and some others also as the db from the new 
>improved site. The cowbell is a bit ropey to be honest as it was just 
>found as an 8 bit sample on the net somewhere, so if anyone has a better 
>one, I'd be grateful for a copy. The cowbell sound is one of the greatest 
>of percussion sounds don't you think?

I scrounged a cowbell up somewhere to chuck into my local nskit-based 
Frankenstein.  Very handy along with the woodblocks in my initial 
experiments in Latinesque percussion!  I've been eyeing the Mark Walker: 
Latin Drums, Latin Kit A downloadable samples for purchase from 
<http://www.sampleheads.com/>. Should have a nice pallete of toys at a 
reasonable price, but I haven't had the cash to snap it up just yet (and, 
of course, i wouldn't be able to redistrib it if I did, though I could 
write up a "recipe" in case anyone else bought the samples).


Carl Edlund Anderson
mailto:cea at carlaz.com

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