[Doggiebox] What Costello said

Sterling Beckwith beckwith at yorku.ca
Fri Jun 11 00:24:16 EDT 2004

Glad to see others are calling for more handy ways of "stretching" the 
beat and "swinging" the rhythm. Those things would certainly help 
Doggiebox fulfill the dreams we all have for it.

I've also wondered how DB could represent the kind of drum stroke that 
LASTS longer than just a hit--i.e. where the sound starts before the 
beat on which it "lands", or alternately, continues to sound well 
afterward.  Rolls are, of course, an example that could belong to 
either category.

iDrum can't be the only program that attempts to "humanize" 
computer-generated rhythms, so there must be other relevant examples. 
And maybe there are some notation tricks out there for dealing with 
those lingering strokes that could be adapted for use with Doggiebox.  
If so, perhaps it's time to consider adding such refinements to what is 
already a great program.


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