[Doggiebox] What Costello said

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri Jun 11 06:49:40 EDT 2004

Sterling Beckwith wrote:
> I've also wondered how DB could represent the kind of drum stroke that 
> LASTS longer than just a hit--i.e. where the sound starts before the 
> beat on which it "lands", or alternately, continues to sound well 
> afterward.  Rolls are, of course, an example that could belong to either 
> category.

I think the latest ns_kit WAVs include some buzz rolls, and DB's own 
Djembe kit has some flam hits.  But these would all start on the beat, 
of course, no matter how long they last.  They are all quite fast, I 
think, so presumably the sample wouldn't tangle up the tempo too much.

I think to arrange triggering something _before_ the beat, one would 
definitely want to be able to set a "percentage of beat before the beat" 
that the sound would be triggered, since that actual length of time 
required would be dependant on the particular tempo at that point in the 

I can easily imagine a feature that allowed you to select (for example) 
all snare sounds to be shifted some selectable percentage ahead or 
behind the notional beat.


Carl Edlund Anderson

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