[Doggiebox] Re: 2 things on 1c7

Dan Costello stellaswindow at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 17 16:57:49 EDT 2004

Also, couple of things on the recent build:

1. Very minor cosmetic fix:  The up and down buttons next to the tempo 
are slightly overlapped. This obscures the down button. They both still 
work, but...

2.  This may have been covered before; seems familiar somehow. Anyway, 
I've got a couple pretty long files going now, and I was in the middle 
of playing back through one of them when the &#$% cat wanted in. 
Yowling, scratching the screen, making me crazy. So I hit, uh, wait, 
crap, there's no pause button. If I hit STOP, I'll have to either 
highlight the entire second half of the song to play it back, or just 
start over from the beginning again (which is 3 solid minutes of 
drums...) If I just let it run, I'll miss the part I wanted to hear by 
the time I get back from scolding the $%&*ing cat.  And there's no 
ignoring this cat. Fifteen pounds of attitude and "I ain't goin' 
NO-WHERE 'til you let me in and feed me, you ungrateful slave."

So... pause button? Or at least a way to "play from this point on" 
rather than just the highlighted measures?

I'll do some MIDI file testing this afternoon.


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