[Doggiebox] Imitating double bass drum?

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri Jun 18 11:35:12 EDT 2004

While strolling along with the iPod today, Motorhead's old chestnut 
"Overkill" popped up with its insane bass drum intro.  I think I've read 
this was actually played on a single drum pedal, but it sure feels like 
a double bass drum pedal to me, and I starting wondering how to imitate 
that kinda double bass drum vibe in DB.

I don't know enough about the dynamics of drumming to really know what 
makes what sound like what, but I'm guessing maybe one foot (the 
drummer's dominant?) would consistently have a harder attack, and 
therefore different sound?  Perhaps one could just make a "left" and 
"right" foot in the dbkit (like the ns_kit Mike made has "left" and 
"right" snare) using a slightly lower velocity for the "left" foot 
(assuming a right-footed drummer, though the ns_kit snares actually use 
sampled hits made by a left and a right hand, I think :)  Or perhaps a 
sample from a different but similar kick drum for the other "foot"?

I guess one might want to pan the two feet a bit to either side of the 
stereo spectrum, though that's more a mixing issue ....

Any thoughts from people who understand these things better than I?


Carl Edlund Anderson

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