[Doggiebox] Imitating double bass drum?

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Fri Jun 18 12:05:38 EDT 2004

Assuming the obvious reply (why???) is innapropriate, I think you're more or less on the right track. 

If you're after realism, you should be careful with your hi-hat. You can't be double-bassing and foot pedaling your hi-hat simultaneously. You can hit the closed hi-hat with a stick if your real-life kit has one of those clutches that allow you to disconnect the pedal and allow gravity to let the top cymbal sit on top of the bottom one.

There's also the double pedal/single drum configuration to consider. In this case, the drum does not have time to relax before the "left" foot hits it and therefore, purists will insist that it is not true double-bass.

Personally, the only double bass tune I've ever appreciated is Alex VanHalen's intro to Hot for Teacher. He also does some very interesting things with the timing of his ride in that intro.

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> Subject: [Doggiebox] Imitating double bass drum?
> While strolling along with the iPod today, Motorhead's old chestnut 
> "Overkill" popped up with its insane bass drum intro.  I think I've read 
> this was actually played on a single drum pedal, but it sure feels like 
> a double bass drum pedal to me, and I starting wondering how to imitate 
> that kinda double bass drum vibe in DB.
> I don't know enough about the dynamics of drumming to really know what 
> makes what sound like what, but I'm guessing maybe one foot (the 
> drummer's dominant?) would consistently have a harder attack, and 
> therefore different sound?  Perhaps one could just make a "left" and 
> "right" foot in the dbkit (like the ns_kit Mike made has "left" and 
> "right" snare) using a slightly lower velocity for the "left" foot 
> (assuming a right-footed drummer, though the ns_kit snares actually use 
> sampled hits made by a left and a right hand, I think :)  Or perhaps a 
> sample from a different but similar kick drum for the other "foot"?
> I guess one might want to pan the two feet a bit to either side of the 
> stereo spectrum, though that's more a mixing issue ....
> Any thoughts from people who understand these things better than I?
> Cheers,
> Carl
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