[Doggiebox] Imitating double bass drum?

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri Jun 18 13:51:49 EDT 2004

mcarlyle at charter.net wrote:
> Assuming the obvious reply (why???) is innapropriate, 

;)  Well, 'cause I kinda liked the ridiculous intro to "Overkill" and 
thought "I wonder how to replicate that in DB?"

> I think you're more or less on the right track. 
> If you're after realism, you should be careful with your hi-hat. 
> You can't be double-bassing and foot pedaling your hi-hat 
> simultaneously. You can hit the closed hi-hat with a stick if 
 > your real-life kit has one of those clutches that allow you to
> disconnect the pedal and allow gravity to let the top cymbal sit 
 > on top of the bottom one.

Good point.  I'll have to listen for evidence of hat action on example 
double-bass drum parts.

> There's also the double pedal/single drum configuration to consider. 
 > In this case, the drum does not have time to relax before the
 > "left" foot hits it and therefore, purists will insist that it is
 > not true double-bass.

Indeed.  Though that would presumably have its own particular sound ....

> Personally, the only double bass tune I've ever appreciated is Alex 
 > VanHalen's intro to Hot for Teacher. He also does some very
 > interesting things with the timing of his ride in that intro.

Ah!  Well, I've heard the song, natch, though never listened 
intensively.  I shall have to track it down and hear how the double bass 
action sounds ....  I bet a VH song might even have a drum tab somewhere 
to help me cheat through it ....


Carl Edlund Anderson

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