[Doggiebox] Re: doubled notes issue

Dan Costello stellaswindow at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 19 17:49:42 EDT 2004

> I am in the middle of doing drum tracks for a demo (natch), and when I
> export the audio, it doubles some notes in various places throughout 
> the
> song... (snip)

Any other specifics? What version of DB? What kit? How is the file set 
up (any meter/tempo changes)?

I mainly use the Hemberger Stereo kit and the more recently added 70's 
Ludwig kit, but also a couple other kits, and it's never done that to 
me. And I've exported some pretty crazy stuff, 7/8 to 4/4, 5/4, mixed 
tempos, insane triplet "scrape" fills, mixed kits (with pieces of other 
kits added in), songs as long as 7 minutes, etc.

Unless someone knows exactly how to fix this, would you be willing to 
send me your .dbsong file? I've got some time this afternoon-- I could 
test it on my setup.  If you do send the file, be sure to send it 
straight to my email address (as you can't send files via the email 


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