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Tor Lillegraven Tor.Lillegraven at vg.no
Mon Mar 1 18:09:14 EST 2004


well, this is what im getting: 

If you paste after bar 3, it works just dandy. But if you paste after,
lets say, bar 52 -- the cursor stays in the "right" place, but the
window scolls down so far that I cant actually SEE the cursor anymore! I
have to scroll back up to where i just pasted... 

the best solution would be to have the cursor appear at the end of the
section that u just pasted, leaving it highlighted...  making sure its
smack in the middle of the "song window"


Actually, what I'm getting is that the cursor stays in the same place. 
e.g. if you copy, and move your cursor so it's sitting after bar 3, and
paste a bunch of bars, the cursor remains sitting after bar 3 (the stuff
you have just pasted is now following it).

I agree, this is a bit irritating.

What should we do -- hilite (become selected) the stuff that was just
pasted?  Or have the cursor appear at its end?


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