[Doggiebox] Frustrated

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Tue Mar 2 05:11:49 EST 2004

Christoph wrote:
> Beyond what Charlie has pointed out, I've found it a lot easier to do fills
> for verses or choruses.  Assume the verse is 8 bars.  For the most part,
> each bar is the same except for the last two which are fills.  I create a 1
> bar section, and set it to repeat 6 times in the layout.  Then I create a
> two bar fill section and put it at the end verse bars in the layout.  Voila!
> 8 bars with a fill at the end.

This makes eminent sense to me, with the sections giving you essentially 
reuseable elements.  There's no reason you couldn't create a bunch of 
6-bar sections and another bunch of 2-bar fills with which to assemble 
into a variety of 8-bar patterns -- and I start to wonder whether you 
can drag pre-definied sections from one open song file to another?  That 
would let you collect a local library of sections that you could then 
chuck around in different compositions.

Anyway, I look forward to wresting the computer back from my wife's 
masters thesis and doing something important with it, like playing with 
the new DB versions and making music :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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