[Doggiebox] Re: Doggiebox Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2 - Confusing Interface?

Mike Listrom mike at bradfieldband.com
Wed Mar 3 11:48:59 EST 2004

On Mar 2, 2004, at 1:10 AM, doggiebox-request at lists.zygoat.ca wrote:

>> I find this confounding User Interface very frustrating.
>> It's killed my inspiration for today.
> I suspect that you have found this in particular because you have 
> become
> very accustomed to the 1.0 style of doing things, and have jumped right
> in to 1.1 without a full awareness of the design changes.  This is not 
> a
> criticism of you at all.  It is more a testament to the lack of present
> documentation, and the fact that I have thrown out the 1.1 beta series 
> to
> you folks to play with as it develops.

This might be the case, but could be avoided by more human mapping 
techniques. I am an Interactive/Industrial Designer, and I feel very 
strongly about visual cues enabling people to quickly rationalize novel 
items, such as the new user interface. I would highly suggest to push 
these ideas into your product to greatly reduce confusion. The problem 
lies in the fact that the interface buttons, menu items etc afford a 
particular action, and the more actions hidden/ unannounced to new 
users, or even seasoned users, the more difficult it is. Visual cues 
(shapes of buttons and color, highlight shades of color (that already 
exists) and other things, even audible cues can greatly reduce 
confusion, and then you can get as novel as you want with the 
interface, because people will have the ability to rationalize the 
interface intuitively.

You have to merge the pre-existing knowledge people have of computer 
interfaces, and blend that with novelty, and you have to understand the 
psychology of designing for us stupid humans, and the next thing you 
know, it's a perfect synthesis.

I know I am just a preachy dude, and I will not say another word about 
the interface unless I am called upon, but check out Donald A. Norman's 
book, "the design of everyday things". It's short and sweet, and has 
given me the ability to rationalize things previously ill-defined in 
human interface design.

  I think you all are ON THE RIGHT TRACK with the shapes of the drum 
instruments, etc, but push it even farther, get crazy! get nuts! make 
doggie box the coolest app for os x! WIN AWARDS! hahah

alright peace.
mike listrom

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