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Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed Mar 10 05:45:38 EST 2004

dpwalsh6 at cox.net wrote:
> I was pretty excited to see the keyboard mapping starting to make it's 
> way into Doggiebox myself.  But I think that it's still a little while before 
> we could actually tap something in time like a drum machine.  right?  
> Still psyched tho.  Happy tapping.  

Ah well, it's still good to see.  I haven't got kb shortcuts entered 
into my primary local kit, so I haven't played with it yet anyway!

I did finally manage to fire up the new beta version late last night and 
play with the new layout stuff very briefly.  Having already read a lot 
on the list about how it works, I had no trouble getting into it (for 
some reason, getting section/layout part names highlighted for renaming 
defeated me at first, though clearly I wasn't clicking ferociously 
enough -- I had a brainfailure coping with that in the older version too 

I'm keen to start pulling apart one of my old songs and try reassembling 
it in the new format to see how it goes.  I remember running into all 
sorts of trouble trying to repeat sections before by copying and pasting 
and getting out of sync in the process (and deciding I wanted to change 
the hi-hat sound or something at some late stage of editing and having 
to go tweak a bazillion entries), and so the new editing approach looks 
very good to me so far!

A quick look at the kit editor and everything looked pretty much the 
same to me, though I need to crack open my ns_kit7 samples and start 
playing around -- I'll assign kb shortcuts this time :)  BTW, if anyone 
knows good sources for downloadable percussion samples at reasonable 
prices that would be handy. Lots of places seem to sell CDs packed with 
lots of things I don't need in formats that I can't read for vast piles 
of money, though there seem to be some (and increasing number, I hope) 
of places that seem to offer smaller selections for download at 
relatively modest prices -- a situation that suits the small-time 
Doggieboxer's situation better.  Still, there seems to be a vast 
reluctance for anyone to actually give any details on what samples 
they're selling!  But I'm keen to fill out my "world percussion" 
options, which I think will really start to come into its own when we 
eventually hit 1.2 with the plans for the expandable drum grid and 
support for multiple kits.  There are lots of great online resources 
that spell out basic rhythm patterns that I could enter into Doggiebox 
notation as easily as from reading any other drum tab :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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