[Doggiebox] Version 1.1 final posted

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Tue Mar 16 02:23:41 EST 2004

Hey folks,

One dot one is up.  There are no significant changes from the 1B5 beta I
posted on Friday, except for the inclusion of an updated version of Ben's
Premier Kit with keyboard shortcuts assigned, plus a new Demo Song.

The full overview of changes since 1.0.6 (which you are no doubt familiar
with by now):

	• 	A much improved section and playlist structuring model has been
introduced, with corresponding menu commands and key shortcuts, as well
as support for cut/copy/paste and drag 'n drop.
	• 	The song editor window has been redesigned for better usability: a)
the drum kit drawer has been moved into the main window and is much
larger; b) the song name, details and kit are no longer accessed via a
separate dialog sheet.
	• 	The Preferences dialog has been simplified. The default drum kit
picker is gone; instead, Doggiebox now automatically remembers the most
recently chosen kit.
	• 	Added a new preference for "begin new line at each section", which
will create line breaks in the pattern editor for better visual navigation.
	• 	Changes to the master tempo and master level sliders are now
Undoable, and the master tempo slider can now be reset to 100% by double-
clicking it.
	• 	Using keyboard shortcuts for selecting drums in the song editor
finally works.
	• 	Cosmetic improvements to pattern editor.
	• 	Fixed bug where the duration of exported audio would be truncated in
some circumstances when "Allow final sounds to decay completely" was
turned on.
	• 	Other miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
	• 	Mac OS X 10.2 is now required, and 10.3 is recommended.

Updates are free for current users.  Grab it at <http://



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