[Doggiebox] Questions

Dinni Bartholomew dbarthol at cv.net
Tue Mar 16 16:57:53 EST 2004

Couple of questions about Doggiebox:

1. Will i be able to edit the velocity of individual drum hits

2. Will i be able to eq/compress/add reverb to individual drum 
components and /or the entire kit

3. In terms of timing, is there a swing feature for jazz/latin type 
beats or is this something i will have to program myself

4. Is there anyway to trigger a sound using the computer keybord or midi 
controller and if so is there a way to assign each  drum kit component 
to a corresponding key on the midi controller / computer keyboard

5. Is it possible to export each drum component as a separate audio file 
(for later importing into a DAW app)

6. Is it useable as a pluggin for a DAW (VST or any other format)

Thanks in advance for the help

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