[Doggiebox] Questions

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Wed Mar 31 13:28:51 EST 2004

On 16 3 2004 at 4:57 pm -0500, Dinni Bartholomew wrote:

>Couple of questions about Doggiebox:

Hi Dinni,

Please pardon the lengthy delay in getting back to you on these questions.

>1. Will i be able to edit the velocity of individual drum hits

Not currently in 1.1, but in a soon upcoming version, yes.

>2. Will i be able to eq/compress/add reverb to individual drum 
>components and /or the entire kit

Not currently in 1.1, but I would like to add support for this type of
thing eventually.

>3. In terms of timing, is there a swing feature for jazz/latin type 
>beats or is this something i will have to program myself

You will have to designate it by hand.  It's not too hard if you "zoom
in" so that you are editing with 3 or 6 subdivisions per beat.  In the
future I would like to provide a "style shifter" facility for automating
this type of remapping.

>4. Is there anyway to trigger a sound using the computer keybord or midi 
>controller and if so is there a way to assign each  drum kit component 
>to a corresponding key on the midi controller / computer keyboard

Not currently in 1.1, but I am working to eventually provide support for this.

>5. Is it possible to export each drum component as a separate audio file 
>(for later importing into a DAW app)

Not currently in 1.1, but again, in an upcoming version.  This has been
requested by many people and is a priority.

>6. Is it useable as a pluggin for a DAW (VST or any other format)

Not currently in 1.1, but this also is currently in progress.

This message has been sponsored by the phrase "not currently in 1.1".  ;)
 I hope you do not take too much disappointment in the current state of
affairs, but look forward to what we're working on feverishly for the
upcoming releases.  These are all great feature requests, thank you.


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