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Bal mathieu.lucas at pi.be
Sat May 8 19:55:45 EDT 2004

>> BTW, complete non-sequitur: What are DBing guitarists using for home  
>> recording?

Hi Carl,
I almost bought that marshall studio 15 second hand, but unfortunately  
I was too late. I understand you're an loyal user of the Studio 15  
(nice website, Carl, and some nice sound clips)

As for the amp, I've got a Fender Princeton (12W) with the same 6V6  
tubes (350 $, 2nd hand); Fender Twin (400 $, 2nd hand)
Guitars : 'a few' . For ex. fender tele '52 reissue (1.075 Euro, new);  
Japanese Strat (650 €, new); an old hagström Futurama III  (for free)  
and a 'brandnew' second hand LP standard (1300 €),
Accoustic: Seagull (360 €, new)
Bass: a very old (mid 60's)  Framus Star Bass (10 €, plays & sounds  
great though, used it on 'settle down'); Fender Precision (250 €, 2nd  
A few of stompboxes...
Microphones : a few, but the AKG 424 B-ULS stands out ( +/- 900 €, new)
Recording Hardware : Powerbook G4; Motu 828mkII(1.090 €); TC  
electronics Triple C (300 € I think, New)
Software : Doggiebox (huh!) & AudioDesk (came with the Motu 828mkII)

I do the mixing through my normal stereo,but I have to admid I  bought   
a very nice pair of speakers from a friend(Audio Exklusiv, Suisse): the  
difference with my old speakers (JVC) is amazing!  But I guess real  
studio speakers are still the best. So for now I do a mix on my  
stereospeakers, then through the radio in the kitchen and through 2  
different headphones. And of course : the final testdrive on my car's  


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> On Tuesday, April 27, 2004, at 06:30  AM, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
>> BTW, complete non-sequitur: What are DBing guitarists using for home  
>> recording?
> I'm using a whole bunch of different things but, to answer the  
> question from a guitar amp point of view, I'd wholeheartedly recommend  
> anyone looking to check out a Tech 21 Trademark 10. It's what I used  
> to do the little ditty on the Doggiebox website that became one of the  
> "demo songs". The TM 10 has SansAmp direct box technology built in,  
> it's all analog, no computer chips inside (no tubes either).
> It's affordable. They're usually available on ebay for less than 200  
> bucks. I got mine in mint condition for 180 (ebay). In addition to  
> that, I will always keep my Marshall Studio 15 alive and kickin' so  
> that I can mic it when I want that really authentic, woody, open,  
> guitar sound. This amp can do a better clean than a Fender, while  
> still retaining the Plexi era, rippin' Marshall sound that has become  
> a classic. This is a 15 watt single channel tube amp with a 12"  
> Celestion.
> Oh, and I have a Fender Blues Jr. as well. I don't record with it much  
> though.
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