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Carl Freire cfreire at ix.netcom.com
Mon May 10 11:00:25 EDT 2004

At 3:00 PM +0100 5/10/04, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
>  Mike Carlyle wrote:
>>  On Saturday, May 8, 2004, at 07:55  PM, Bal wrote:
>>>  Carl wrote:
>>>>  BTW, complete non-sequitur: What are DBing guitarists using for
>>>>  home  recording?
>>>  I almost bought that marshall studio 15 second hand, but
>>>  unfortunately  I was too late. I understand you're an loyal user of
>>>  the Studio 15  (nice website, Carl, and some nice sound clips)
>>  Umm... I have a Marshall Studio 15. Carl might, too, but I think 
>>the  jumble of quotes below misled you.
>  Carl (this Carl, anyway) doesn't have a Marshall Studio 15 (though 
>I remember that one of my fave

This reminds this other Carl that he has been lurking for a long time 
(life has gotten extremely busy!).

My gear is as follows:

*1965 Fender Deluxe (my baby!--with tremolo, not reverb--bought it 
back in 1988 for about USD$250; finally got around to re-tubing it 
last year and it sound sweeter than ever)
*1963 Reverb Box Reissue (an ugly brown, but who cares!--I run vocals 
through it sometimes, too)
*Various pedals: Wah (Electro Harmonix), chorus (Boss), distortion 
(MXR), overdrive (Voodoo Labs SparkleDrive), noise suppressor (Boss).

*40th Anniversary Strat (my other baby!--a friend of mine who plays 
mainly Tele-s sold this to me at a great price last summer) refitted 
with Fender noiseless pickups
*Epiphone LS-100 with DiMarzio PAF pickups
*Ibanez Roadstar II--my first nice electric guitar received as a 
birthday present almost two decades ago (yikes!); the neck is really 
sweet, but it sits in its case most of the time now that the new baby 
is in town
*some ridiculous Ibanez heavy metal bass (SDGR) that I play through 
the Deluxe--the neck is perfect for me and with lots of tinkering of 
tone knobs on bass and amp I can still get a warmish sound; got it in 
a trade for a Fernandes precision bass that had a neck about a mile 
*Takamine EN-10 acoustic/electric--sweet neck, but I've always been 
torn about the dreadnought body, which gives me a nice big sound but 
is, well, big

*Doggiebox--I use modified version of the Hemberger stereo kit, which 
had the soft snare hit to go with the hard one and all those hi-hat 
variations.  I have yet to download the new software that allows 
velocity adjustments, so the Hemberger kit has been my kit of choice 
to give me more realistic sounding drum fills and hi-hat work.  I 
wanted more variety with the cymbal sounds, though, so I imported 
rides and crashes from most of the other pre-2004 kits as well as the 
egg shakers and cowbells that got added to Ben's kit.

*I've gone through various multitrackers.  I used the Fostex MR-8 for 
a little while, but while I liked the built-in reverb effects the 
digital sound was just too dry for me.  I have a used Tascam 414MkI 
(they added the XLR input with the MkII) and the tape sound is much 
nicer.  That said, I also have the freebie, 8-track version of 
ProTools on my Mac, too; given that I'm still mainly an OS9 user (the 
freebie is available only for OS9, at present anyway), it's fun to 
tinker with from time to time.

The big change for me is I finally invested in a Shure SM58 
microphone.  I had been using cheap Nady SP-9 microphones until now. 
Given that I record mainly in my apartment's living room, it's been 
hard to tinker around too much with microphone placement because I 
can't let the amp get too loud.  The SM58 is more responsive, so it 
will at least let me step farther back from the mike to get more 
ambient sound.

A friend of mine long ago showed me a simple trick for getting even 
more ambience--just set up two microphones, one at the sound source 
(voice/instrument) and one someplace else in the room; record  to two 
tracks; then bounce the two tracks down.  I'll have to do this the 
next time I record.



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