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Mon May 10 17:22:31 EDT 2004

Allright, allright! I ment Mike CARLyle - there's 'Carl' in it, ain't  
it. So I made a mistake.
Anyway : it's Mike who's got a nice site about the Marshall Studio 15.  
http://webpages.charter.net/mcarlyle/marshall/    It is your site, Mike?


Carl Freire heeft op maandag, 10 mei 2004 om 17:00 (Europe/Brussels)  
het volgende geschreven:

> At 3:00 PM +0100 5/10/04, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:
>>  Mike Carlyle wrote:
>>>  On Saturday, May 8, 2004, at 07:55  PM, Bal wrote:
>>>>  Carl wrote:
>>>>>  BTW, complete non-sequitur: What are DBing guitarists using for
>>>>>  home  recording?
>>>>  I almost bought that marshall studio 15 second hand, but
>>>>  unfortunately  I was too late. I understand you're an loyal user of
>>>>  the Studio 15  (nice website, Carl, and some nice sound clips)
>>>  Umm... I have a Marshall Studio 15. Carl might, too, but I think  
>>> the  jumble of quotes below misled you.
>>  Carl (this Carl, anyway) doesn't have a Marshall Studio 15 (though I  
>> remember that one of my fave
> <snip>
> This reminds this other Carl that he has been lurking for a long time  
> (life has gotten extremely busy!).
> My gear is as follows:
> *1965 Fender Deluxe (my baby!--with tremolo, not reverb--bought it  
> back in 1988 for about USD$250; finally got around to re-tubing it  
> last year and it sound sweeter than ever)
> *1963 Reverb Box Reissue (an ugly brown, but who cares!--I run vocals  
> through it sometimes, too)
> *Various pedals: Wah (Electro Harmonix), chorus (Boss), distortion  
> (MXR), overdrive (Voodoo Labs SparkleDrive), noise suppressor (Boss).
> *40th Anniversary Strat (my other baby!--a friend of mine who plays  
> mainly Tele-s sold this to me at a great price last summer) refitted  
> with Fender noiseless pickups
> *Epiphone LS-100 with DiMarzio PAF pickups
> *Ibanez Roadstar II--my first nice electric guitar received as a  
> birthday present almost two decades ago (yikes!); the neck is really  
> sweet, but it sits in its case most of the time now that the new baby  
> is in town
> *some ridiculous Ibanez heavy metal bass (SDGR) that I play through  
> the Deluxe--the neck is perfect for me and with lots of tinkering of  
> tone knobs on bass and amp I can still get a warmish sound; got it in  
> a trade for a Fernandes precision bass that had a neck about a mile  
> wide
> *Takamine EN-10 acoustic/electric--sweet neck, but I've always been  
> torn about the dreadnought body, which gives me a nice big sound but  
> is, well, big
> *Doggiebox--I use modified version of the Hemberger stereo kit, which  
> had the soft snare hit to go with the hard one and all those hi-hat  
> variations.  I have yet to download the new software that allows  
> velocity adjustments, so the Hemberger kit has been my kit of choice  
> to give me more realistic sounding drum fills and hi-hat work.  I  
> wanted more variety with the cymbal sounds, though, so I imported  
> rides and crashes from most of the other pre-2004 kits as well as the  
> egg shakers and cowbells that got added to Ben's kit.
> *I've gone through various multitrackers.  I used the Fostex MR-8 for  
> a little while, but while I liked the built-in reverb effects the  
> digital sound was just too dry for me.  I have a used Tascam 414MkI  
> (they added the XLR input with the MkII) and the tape sound is much  
> nicer.  That said, I also have the freebie, 8-track version of  
> ProTools on my Mac, too; given that I'm still mainly an OS9 user (the  
> freebie is available only for OS9, at present anyway), it's fun to  
> tinker with from time to time.
> The big change for me is I finally invested in a Shure SM58  
> microphone.  I had been using cheap Nady SP-9 microphones until now.  
> Given that I record mainly in my apartment's living room, it's been  
> hard to tinker around too much with microphone placement because I  
> can't let the amp get too loud.  The SM58 is more responsive, so it  
> will at least let me step farther back from the mike to get more  
> ambient sound.
> A friend of mine long ago showed me a simple trick for getting even  
> more ambience--just set up two microphones, one at the sound source  
> (voice/instrument) and one someplace else in the room; record  to two  
> tracks; then bounce the two tracks down.  I'll have to do this the  
> next time I record.
> Cheers,
> Carl
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