[Doggiebox] 1C3: Recipes and faster kits

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Thu May 13 13:53:49 EDT 2004

On 13 5 2004 at 8:03 am -0400, Carl Edlund Anderson wrote:

>Yeah, and I hadn't played with anything _except_ the percussion kit yet, 
>so I hadn't realized the Rock Kit had handy file extensions ;)  I 
>suppose this is a reminder also that we'd have to keep an eye on 
>possible future upgrades/changes to the way GB organizes things ....

Ya, this is true.

I wonder how GB tracks things in its project files (I haven't really
looked at it much yet).  Actually, it would be most useful to know
something about the .exs files (in the "Sampler Instruments" folder
beside "Sampler Files") since presumably that's how it maps the
instrument names to their sounds.

From what I gather, exs is a format used by Logic Audio and stuff, but
some googling around has revealed no further details insofar as file
format or API for parsing.


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