[Doggiebox] 1C3: Recipes and faster kits

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Fri May 14 05:27:13 EDT 2004

Ben Kennedy wrote:
> Actually, it would be most useful to know
> something about the .exs files (in the "Sampler Instruments" folder
> beside "Sampler Files") since presumably that's how it maps the
> instrument names to their sounds.
> From what I gather, exs is a format used by Logic Audio and stuff, but
> some googling around has revealed no further details insofar as file
> format or API for parsing.

I also tried to find something (free) that would open .exs files in 
OS-x, hoping I could figure out what some of the samples are -- but no 
luck, so far.

I have been picking away at assembling a GB Percussion Kit (which GB 
doesn't seem to use as a discrete unit, but the user interface to their 
Rock, Dance, etc. kits seem to map into GB's Percussion Kit to add extra 
sounds (e.g. if you've loaded the Dance Kit or the Techno Kit in GB, 
both will get you the same Vibraslap sample that's sitting in the 
Percussion Kit folder).  Still, if DB gets the ability to load multiple 
kits in the future, one would just load one's preferred standard drum 
dbkit set and then could load something like the GB Percussion Kit dbkit 
as well.

But, yes, though I'm having a pretty smooth time with the kit interface 
(I sometimes wish I could jump/select fields more easily with the tab 
key), my main difficulty is figuring out what the hell Apple's 
Percussion Kit samples are samples _of_ :)  Many are obvious, but not 
all.  I think the things identified with the string GOGN must be agogo 
bells, though the things identified as BARRE still mystify me (some kind 
of frame drum?).

The GB Percussion Kit does indeed only seem to have pretty basic hits -- 
nothing like the range of sounds available on the Reverend Rat's/Carl's 
Djembe kit  -- but hey, it's a start.

Hell of a lot easier to program DB than GB :)


Carl Edlund Anderson

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