[Doggiebox] Non-member postings and spam

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Mon May 17 12:45:02 EDT 2004

Hey folks,

I've made a small change to the list server configuration that shouldn't
affect anybody but I thought I would let you know.

In the past, any postings to the list from a non-member (i.e. someone who
wasn't themselves already subscribed to the list) would be held, and I
would get a notice.  I would then be able to either let the posting go
through, or deny it.  

Most of the time, such non-member postings are the result of spam bots. 
On occasion, however, a couple of you have posted from an e-mail address
other than the one you are subscribed under.  In those cases I've
approved the postings since I recognize who you are and obviously it's

I'm changing this, however, so that all non-member postings will be
denied right away.  The reason is that in the last couple of days, the
amount of spam seems to have increased a bunch so I am being flooded
regularly with approval messages for spam and it's getting irksome to
deal with.

The upshot of this:  If you post to the list and your message comes back
rejected, check that you are sending it from the right account (and if
you think you are, send me a message and I'll sort it out.)


Ben Kennedy, chief magician
zygoat creative technical services
613-228-3392 | 1-866-466-4628

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