[Doggiebox] 1C4 posted, featuring MMC

Carl Edlund Anderson cea at carlaz.com
Wed May 19 06:54:49 EDT 2004

Ben Kennedy wrote:
> 	• MMC LOCATE/PLAY and STOP events are now sent at when playing back in
> the playlist.  When an MMC-compliant deck is connected, it should
> automatically seek to the correct location and begin playback in sync
> with Doggiebox.
> [...]
> Let me know how (or at least, if) this works with your deck, Carl.

Woo hoo!  My only hold up is that I'm going to need to wait until I get 
paid in another couple of weeks to rush out and buy something like an 
M-Audio Midisport 1x1 (I've never had a need for MIDI cables before ;) 
But then, well, I had actually been holding off on starting to record 
any new songs in hopes of being able to do it with MMC support :)  Being 
able to sync recording/playback will be, like, _huge_ :)

Carl (who has also been slowly picking away at getting a "GB Percussion 
Kit" all entered and linked up).

Carl Edlund Anderson

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