[Doggiebox] 1C5 with various improvements

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Fri May 21 16:52:43 EDT 2004

Yup, that's right, a new build already...


Notes for 1C5 (21 May 2004):

	• Several cosmetic improvements have been made to the playback controls
in the song document window, including new buttons for expand/collapse in
the pattern editor.
	• Playback operation has been simplified such that if one or more bars
are selected, they will play; otherwise all currently visible bars will
play.  It is no longer necessary to hit option-space to play the current
	• There is a new checkbox in the drum kit editor labeled "interrupts
other variants of same type".  This now provides manual control over
which drum sounds pre-empt others (which used to be determined
automatically using some limited hard-coded rules documented in the 1A5
release notes).  Turn this on for things like closed hi hats and muted
crash cymbals, and off for others that can be struck many times
simultaneously.  (Existing drum kits will be upgraded automatically.)
	• There is a new checkbox in Preferences labeled "mute audio playback
when MIDI is active".  With this enabled, the net effect is that audio
will play back either via MIDI or your speakers, depending on what's
available.  With it disabled, sound will always play back through the
speakers regardless of MIDI being connected.  (This replaces the "play
audio/midi" toggles introduced in 1C2.)
	• The MIDI playback level now respects the master volume setting.
	• Incoming MIDI messages now control selection of the default drum in
the song editor.

Comments, suggestions, etc as usual are cool.

The astute may notice "Export MIDI..." in the File menu.  It doesn't do
anything yet, but hopefully will by the next build.


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